Celebrate the New Year 2012 with Chamilo! (English Talks)

The Chamilo Association is organising the following online event on 29th December 2012:


Celebrate the New Year 2013 with Chamilo!




This event aims to provide a boost to Chamilo projects undertaken throughout 2012, through the sharing of experiences using the new features which Chamilo LMS will bring to the New Year, and in particular to fulfil our vision for 2013 of creating effective synergies through international collaboration.



We are still compiling the final program for the day so that we can lay out clearly what aspects of expertise we can share. We will be updating this program as we receive confirmation from the different speakers.


Please check out this link in the provisional agenda: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AozSagsC_76xdGVuTVJxNnQzOXVmQWFCSVFoN3YxbEE # gid = 0


The venue: 

The event will be presented through online broadcasts. On the morning of the talk, all participants will receive an email containing all the details necessary to access the live session.


Who can attend:

Afternoon talks will have a maximum capacity of 150 participants, and Chamilo Association members will have priority over other users when attending the event. (Not a member yet and want to join? Send an e-mail to info@chamilo.org Membership costs only 25 € per year)

 Students must register their attendance on this page by clicking "Reserve Now".

IMPORTANT: Please, if you are not sure whether you can attend or not, leave your spot free. This event is free of charge, and therefore if you book your place but are not sure whether you can attend, others may not be able to enjoy the chat.



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29 diciembre, 2012 17:00 - 20:00 (GMT -06:00 Mexico City)

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